The grip is the only part of a golf club that you come into direct contact with, which is why it is critical that it fits your hand correctly.

A lot of the problems with a golfers swings can be directly linked to worn out grips, unsuitable grip profiles (shapes and sizes) and poor grip technique, forcing them to develop compensative swings in order to find some level of consistency out on the golf course.

Before G-rip, golf grips were dull, black and underdeveloped. By evolving the grip design, embracing ergonomic principals and utilising cutting edge manufacturing techniques G-Rip now provides some of the best performance enhancing grips available.

Fact, a small investment in good grips will make the greatest difference to your golf game. It doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner or a tour pro, our aim is to give you the edge by getting the right grip onto your clubs. At the same time we’ll add a splash of colour and personality to your game.

No matter what level of golfer you are G-Rip has a range of grips to suit every club in your bag – from drivers and irons to your wedges and putter.

 From tee to hole, G-rip is with you all the way.

Take a look at some of the latest releases from G-Rip

 The New G-Rip ST-1 Range

A putter grip which encourages a slow smooth release.

 The New G-Rip MP-1 Range

Comfortable in the hands with the precision of a pistol grip

 The New G-Rip FL-1 Range

Get an enhanced feel to your putter

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