FL-1 Release

New FL-1 Putter Grip

The new FL-1 putter grip combines G-Rip’s innovative technology and use of high-performance materials to help golfers of all abilities get more feel into their putting game and help lower their scores.

Microfibre Material

The key to the FL-1’s enhanced performance is a lightweight EVA under-listing with a microfibre cover. The cover itself features hundreds of tiny silicone buds on the surface, which create more points of contact with the hands, for an enhanced grip. Its unique moisture-repelling properties ensure it is effective in all weather conditions. The FL-1 increases feel and grip in all weather conditions with a unique silicon bud surface, and encourages a more consistent stroke with its triangular shape.

Unique Triangular Shape

Fitting neatly into the palms of the hand, the V-shape at the back of the grip helps golfers put their hands consistently into the correct position, time and time again, leading to a more repeatable stroke, more control, and more holed putts.

Available in five bold colour options:

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