How do I clean the grips when they are dirty or wet?

The dirt on the grip comes from your hands and just like your hands the grip has pores.  When they become blocked with grease and dirt the grip feels hard and slippery. Gently wipe the grip with a moist towel using water. When wet, apply a clean towel and pat the grip dry. Do not use strong solvents but you can use a soft scrubbing brush to buff the surface.

Lots of people use washing up liquid. This works but leaves a sticky residue on the grip that feels tacky to start with. It also means the grip will now attract more dirt because of the sticky surface. I have found the best cleaner is a degreaser e.g Swarfega (Swarfega – Wikipedia). Use this with a soft nylon scrubbing brush. This will degrease the surface and does not leave a sticky residue on the grip.

Important – Cleaning grips regularly is the best way to notice when they are starting to get past their best. Replace as soon as you notice this as comfort and feel are a big part of the game.

How long do grips last?

Iron Grips

Compare your grips look and feel to a new grip on display in the pro shop. If your grip looks or feels much worse, then its maybe time to change and don’t forget the clubs you use most will wear out quicker. If you are not sure just get one club re griped and try it out. If you start to feel the new grip is working better and feel like you have more control, then its time to replace your other grips.

Putter Grips

An avid golfer playing one or twice a week should change their putter grip at least once a year. A casual golfer playing 3 x a month perhaps every 18-24 months.

Remember the putter grip is the most used grip in the bag. It will get used at least once per hole, often twice and possibly more on the same hole. We are also more likely to practice our putting at home or on the putting green before we go play golf, so it does get a lot more use.

There are many putter grips that are oversized which means grips get worn out through bag wear and tear. Putting clubs in and out of the bag causes them to rub against the bag, dividers or other clubs and this can wear the edges of the grips – so be careful how your putter goes in and out of the bag. If your bag has a putter section use it, as it will help keep the putter grip in good condition especially if it is oversized.

Don’t ignore your putter grip – its the most important club in the bag, make sure its in good condition all the time.

How can I tell when they are worn out?

Check them regularly for signs of wear. Most grips are easy to see when they are past their best.

G-Rip grips are soft – will they wear out sooner than firm rubber grips?

Not necessarily. We would advise looking after your grips to prolong their life and effectiveness e.g. regular cleaning and using particular care when taking a club out of the bag or putting it back in. There are many items that will brush against the grip-all of which can have a wearing effect e.g. bag dividers and other clubs.

Some bags have putter sections – we strongly recommend its use to protect the putter grip

What else can wear out grips?

Leaving clubs in the boot of the car on hot sunny days can dry out grips and leaving them in the garage during winter can also have a negative affect. Whenever possible, always keep your clubs indoors and make a habit of cleaning them after every round. Many golf bags have dividers for clubs so pushing and pulling the clubs in and out the bag can create wear. Take the clubs in and out the bag carefully and this will help to prolong the life of all your grips.

How do I install your grips? Are they different from other types of grip?

G-Rip grips are installed in the normal way with solvent and two-sided grip tape. Most solvents can be used but avoid strong solvents. Also avoid rubbing the solvent on the outer body of the grip as this may damage the outer surface. The best solvent we have found to use is White Sprit. This works well and evaporates quickly allowing the putter to be used within 30 minutes of installation.

Note: Avoid getting excess solvent on the outer surface of the grip. DO NOT use petrol. If installing a grip is new to you we highly recommend having a qualified PGA Professional or qualified club maker do this on your behalf. In most cases grips can be purchased from them and they will fit as part of their service.

Can G-Rip grips be built up to make a larger size?

G-Rip does offer larger size grips so consider these options first.

A-Tac iron Grip

Build up tape is appropriate for G-Rip A-Tac iron grips but we would recommend no more than 3-4 layers of tape, this will get the grip to midsize 1/16 oversize

Are your grips patented?

Yes, worldwide patents protect all G-Rip grips from infringement and our grips do not encroach on other manufacturers products or patents

Can grips be too big?

Putter grips

Yes, putter grips have an optimal size, we have tested this with the SAM putt lab system using high speed cameras. We learned that if the grip is too big there is a loss of feel and distance control on the long putts because the hands are too far away from the shaft. This is why all our putter grips stay within set size boundaries. We also discovered that whilst a very large grip feels good to start with it doesn’t work well in the overall game and you will end up cutting it off and downsizing.

Iron grips

An iron grip that is too big slows the hands down so that the club face is presented to the ball open causing a push or slice. If an iron grip is too small the hands get quick and the club face is presented to the ball in a closed position causing a pull or hook. Matching our hand size to the correct grip size is so important. Small hands=smaller grips  Big hands=bigger grips

If you slice a ball try a smaller grip and if you hook a ball try a bigger grip using build up tape.

Do G-Rip grips conform to the rules of golf?

Yes, all our grips conform to R&A and USGA rules.

Are G-Rip grips usable in wet weather?

Yes, our grips ability to dry quickly make them ideal for playing in wet weather. They retain their tacky feel and playability without having that “squishy” feel that so many grips have when they get wet.


Will G-Rip grips feel hard in cold weather or after a period of time?

No, due to our unique under-listing material, our grips retain tackiness and shock absorption even in minus 30 degree Fahrenheit.

If I am a club manufacturer (OEM). Can I get some sample grips to try out?

We will be happy to send samples to try if you are a manufacturer. Adding a logo to a grip is possible, please contact us on the details below to discuss minimum quantities and costs

If I want grips for corporate giveaways can I deal direct with G-Rip Europe?

Yes. Tooling costs and minimum order quantities apply. Please contact us for more information using the details below.

If I am a club manufacturer (OEM) can G-Rip make grips with my logo?

We can add your logo to any of our grips but please note minimum order quantities apply. There could also be additional costs when using specific colours and designs. Please contact us on the details below for more information and to discuss your requirements.

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