Unique Triangular Shape

The FL-1 is a unique putting grip with an innovative triangular shape designed to help golfers find the correct hand positions on their putter quickly and easily – time after time. The V shape at the back of the grip sits snuggly into the fingers creating the right “feel” that golfers need to experience in order to produce a repeatable stroke.

Microfibre Material

The key to the FL-1’s incredible performance is the lightweight EVA under-listing and microfibre cover. The cover itself has hundreds of tiny silicone buds on the surface, which create points of contact with the hands through which the golfer receives instant feedback from their putting stroke. The FL-1 also has unique moisture-repelling properties which means its a grip suitable for all environments and weather conditions.

Put some colour in your game

The FL-1 putter grip is available in a choice of colours: Black, Red, Blue, Burnt Orange and Apple Green.

Take a closer look at the G-Rip FL-1


    Available Colours

    G-Rip FL-1 Colour Choices

    Size Comparison

    G-Rip – FL1 Size Comparison 1

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