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All good golfers understand that the key to successful putting is feel. A feel for distance, a feel for the speed of the green, a feel for the stroke, and above all, a feel for the putter itself. And in a game where narrow misses can be costly, and small errors lead to big scores, putting is also about precision.

Which is why specialist grip brand G-RIP’s latest model, the oversized lightweight (55gms) FL-1, not only encourages a light grip pressure on the putter, enhancing feel and control, but also helps provide a smooth stroke, leading to better distance control, improved consistency, and more holed putts.

And, in another ground-breaking design feature, the FL-1 also stands out from the crowd courtesy of its unique triangular shape.

Paul Steels from G-RIP commented: “The FL1 fits neatly into the palms, and the V-shape at the back of the grip helps golfers put their hands into the correct position, time and time again, leading to a more repeatable stroke, more control, and more holed putts.”

The new G-RIP FL-1 putter grip combines G-RIP’s innovative technology and use of high-performance materials to help golfers of all abilities get more feel into their putting game and help lower their scores.

The key to the FL-1’s enhanced performance is a lightweight EVA under-listing with a microfibre cover. The cover itself features hundreds of tiny silicone buds on the surface, which create more points of contact with the hands, for an enhanced grip.

The microfibre material, which is unique to the putter market, helps wick water away from the surface to ensure the golfer maintains a solid connection with the grip in damp conditions and wet weather, while its moisture-repelling properties also work to combat sweat, making it equally effective in hot and humid conditions.
The silicone buds allow the grip’s surface to be dried easily and speedily, with a quick wipe with a towel see them returned to dry in seconds.

The new FL-1 comes in a choice of five bold colour options – black, red, blue, burnt orange, and apple green.

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