MP-1 Release

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G-Rips Brand New MP-1

The new G-Rip MP-1 combines the traditional style of a pistol grip with the current trend for midsize designs, resulting in a grip that sits comfortably in the hands, without losing any of the feel offered by a pistol grip.

Shock Dampening & PU Tacky Surface

Weighing 59g, the G-RIP MP-1 features a polyurethane textured surface, which provides a tacky feel to enhance grip, especially in wet or damp conditions. The base rubber compound contains shock-dampening properties to reduce vibration through the hands at impact, enabling high levels of feedback. The MP-1 combines G-Rip’s innovative technology and use of high-performance materials to help golfers of all abilities get more feel into their short game and lower their scores.

Enhanced Feel & Control

We understand that putting is all about feel and control: a putter grip should be light so as not to create tension in the muscles of the forearms while feeling comfortable in the hands. Grip lightly to lower pressure and enhance feel and control. This helps to provide a smooth stroke, leading to better distance control, improved consistency, and more holed putts.

Available in four two-tone colours

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